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Mainframe edition

Welcome to the Mainframe Edition

eServer Magazine, mainframe edition is a new publication for zSeries and S/390 professionals. The bimonthly IBM user publication, which debuted in April 2002, features coverage of recent announcements, technical tips and in-depth articles designed to help mainframe users get the most from their systems. U.S. and Canadian residents may qualify for a free subscription.

September 2003
 Here are some highlights from our current issue. Click the Current Articles link on your left to view all of the current articles:

Leading Edge Security
by Linda Betz
Because zSeries* customers are some of the largest and most security-sensitive companies in the world, security has always been an important component of zSeries strategy. With the advent of e-business, the zSeries server has evolved to extend this robust security principle to the security needs of today and beyond.


gdb (GNU debugger): The Basics
by Mike Grundy
As far as debugging native executables (i.e., not Java* or perl, etc.) goes, gdb is it. gdb can be used for source-level debugging, tracing a program with no source or examining a core file left by a dead program. Unfortunately, it can be hard to get going when you've never used it, or if you havenít used it in a while.


Seeking Mainframe Tips

As an IT professional, you’re used to sharing your knowledge, whether it’s showing programming techniques to your IT staffers at work, posting performance-tuning tips to colleagues in an online forum or swapping backup stories with attendees at a user conference. We at eServer Magazine find such professional collaboration laudable. That’s why we’d like to offer you the opportunity to share a bit of your knowledge with us.

Here’s the deal: Send us your mainframe tip and, if it’s published, you’ll not only see your name in eServer Magazine, you’ll receive an eServer Magazine t-shirt or hat for your trouble.

A tip is simply information that can educate others. It can be a few words, or a few hundred words, on any aspect of using mainframe systems. Look at it this way: If you’ve dispensed any systems know-how over the years, chances are it’s tips-worthy. (Especially if you were immediately thanked for your input.)

E-mail tips, along with your preference for a tshirt or hat (and, in the case of the former, shirt size), to Doug Rock, editor and publisher, at djrock1@us.ibm.com.

 LOOKAT Worth Looking Into
Do you need to view a message immediately but find that you're not sure how to locate it among the many existing messages and codes books? The LOOKAT command can help you.



 September 2003

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